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Recycling 2023

Speaker at Recycling and Waste Management 2023 - Ellen Cristine Giese
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Ellen Cristine Giese, Centro de Tecnologia Mineral, Brazil

Electronic scrap contains economically significant levels of precious and high value metals, apart from base metals and other toxic compounds. Recycling and recovery metals from E-waste using a cost-effective technology are now among the top priorities in metallurgy due to the ra [....] » Read More

Speaker at Recycling and Waste Management 2023 - Mouna Hecini
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Mouna Hecini, The Research Center in Semiconductor Technology for Energetics,, Algeria

Ceramic membranes are durable and long lasting for aggressive processing environments. They have high mechanical strength, good stability, antifouling properties, high water permeance, fast flux, and strong resistance to chemicals and thermal shock in addition to a long service l [....] » Read More

Speaker at Recycling and Waste Management 2023 - Mohamed Abdennouri
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Mohamed Abdennouri, Sultan Moulay Slimane University of Beni Mellal, Morocco

This work is a part of the general framework of basic and applied research aimed at finding environmentally friendly and low-cost adsorbents. Afterwards, test their performance in the adsorption of heavy metals and various liquids and gaseous industrial effluents. We started with [....] » Read More

Speaker at Recycling and Waste Management 2023 - Jin Woo Yi
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Jin Woo Yi, Korea Institute of Materials Science (KIMS), Korea, Republic of

Fiber-reinforced thermoset composites have been considered as one of the promising lightweight materials for structural parts. Recently, automotive and wind turbine industry have set up a mass production system of the composite parts. One of the remarkable issues with regard to t [....] » Read More

Speaker at Recycling and Waste Management 2023 - Aparna Gunjal
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Aparna Gunjal, Dr. D. Y. Patil, Arts, Commerce & Science College, India

Different types of wastes are there which includes food, agroindustry by-products, paper and pulp, electronic waste (e-waste), etc. The e-waste includes keyboard, CPU chips, mobiles, television, monitor or screens, etc. The management of this e-waste is a very serious issue world [....] » Read More

Speaker at Recycling and Waste Management 2023 - Hadi Erfani
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Hadi Erfani, Islamic Azad University, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

In this study, we have tried to observe how to collect dry, wet waste, and after collecting them in isolation and transporting them to areas where the waste is separated from each other and finally divided into several categories we do. Special waste, general waste, hazardous was [....] » Read More

Speaker at Recycling and Waste Management 2023 - Akeem Bolaji Wahab
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Akeem Bolaji Wahab, Department of Building, Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria

The execution of construction activities is intimately linked to the deployment of different materials in different states of matter to sites. Their usage is instrumental to the overall delivery of buildings, roads and other infrastructural projects with the attendant generation [....] » Read More

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